Teleradiology and Telemedicine Solution

Certain situations can prevent healthcare practitioners from physically accessing their patients. But with the advent of our Telemedicine and Teleradiology solutions, that concern is a thing of the past, making quality healthcare affordable to the masses through Remote Healthcare Delivery Solutions. Our Telemedicine solution enables healthcare practitioners to use smart devices to conduct virtual video or phone appointments and administer additional treatment. This offers patients an alternative to traditional checkups, which may alleviate distance issues and prove efficient in high-risk situations.

The technology has been clinically validated at reputed medical institutions for its accuracy and quality of medical data. Tight integration is therefore made possible with IoT’s viz, Fetal Doppler, Glucose and Lipid Profile Measurement Analyzer, Dermatoscope, Otoscope, General Examination Camera for Telemedicine, Rapid Test/Optical Reader, Electronic Stethoscope, SpO2, 12 Channel ECG, Ear Thermometer, Blood Pressure Monitoring, Pulse Oximeter and many more instruments.

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