ERP (Financial Accounting) and Supply Chain Management (SCM)

The supply chain ecosystem within the healthcare industry is a vast one. Our ERP (Financial Accounting) and Supply Chain Management (SCM) simplify the supply chain process to effectively meet and match customer and stakeholder demands. Fourthsyte Consultancy offers organisations global, regional, or hybrid-based ERP solutions that are customised and tailor-made to suit their industry needs. Our ERP products are tailor-made specifically for the healthcare industry for both SME and large-scale enterprises for its finance, inventory, and operations, allowing a smooth flow of collaborative information and coordination between its operations and distribution points to ensure an efficient supply chain.

An organisation would also want a consolidated view of its financial data for clear visibility on costs and margins. It needs to monitor its financial and operational models closely as it prepares to take on the significant new risks of automated workflows and processes in a decentralised environment while integrating them into its core business.

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