Document Management Systems (DMS)

Healthcare organisations store and manage large volumes of electronic data and imagery on a daily basis. Our DMS Capture offers multi-channel content capture by providing an integrated platform to extract metadata, configure processing rules, and define scan batches. The AI and ML-enabled solution offers configurable pipelines for new processes. Smart governance of data and documents with intelligent capture, storage, and retrieval features Multiplying documents and data in any industry causes roadblocks in business processes, consuming enormous time, effort, and manual labour for storage, archival, and retrieval. Paper documents, disconnected email information, and system data stored by different users remain disparate, making retrieval a never-ending task.

Beyond the trouble of deploying increased manual labour to these chores, its inaccuracy and security threat dwindle the efficiency of the organization. Misplaced documents, unsecured storage of confidential data, manual scanning, data entry, etc. cause delay and inaccuracy in operations. To stay ahead in a competitive market, businesses strive to automate every pain point that stands in the way of success. With so many products on the market, businesses are confused about which solution is best for their operations. Our DMS platform offers intelligent automation tools to handle archival and retrieval processes with accuracy and complacency.

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