About Us

Who We Are

FourthSyte Consultancy FZ-LLC (FSC) is a UAE-based software consultancy provider. We offer the most cutting-edge medical software and healthcare solutions to both public and private healthcare providers. The FSC team has over 25+ years of consulting experience and has managed multiple healthcare projects worldwide.

FSC purely works with its international solution principles and partners to provide tailor-made, effective solutions to healthcare facilities for a single, regional, or countrywide implementation. We remain dedicated to our drive to serve and improve the healthcare industry so that it can grow and evolve via novel and disruptive solutions. Along with its principles and partners, FSC has successfully provided services and solutions in Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Europe, and South America.

Why Partner with Us

We understand your requirements to the core. Our team of industry experts is always seeking new ways to improve the overall healthcare ecosystem by incorporating the latest facets of disruptive technologies into our solutions. We follow stringent quality control measures to ensure that all our healthcare solutions adhere to the latest international healthcare standards and policies. Our healthcare solutions are scalable to fit different organizational sizes, from small enterprises to larger regional implementations.

Core Values

Performance Mindset

We offer solutions that are built to last. Next-generation solutions cannot be made with a past-generation mindset.

Inclusive & Diverse

We are a group of inclusive professionals. Everyone is welcome at FourthSyte without exception.

Creative Disruption

We like being different. Businesses that partner with us are transformed into creative disruptors within the healthcare sector.


We don’t believe in trade secrets. Open communication is the basis of all our client communication.

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